Natural resources and Environmental mapping

Specialist consultancy group knowledgeable in providing Geological, Environmental, Geospatial and Data analytical services.

Environmental monitoring

Offer comprehensive geoscience knowledge and provide our clients with valuable insight into all aspects of Climate, Land and water monitoring and management.

Data analytics

Provide ready support to your organization in enhancing the functionality and quality of your Geospatial data.

About Geoscience Consulting

                      Geoscience Consulting is a Science and Technology Innovation consulting firm operating from Singapore. Our services offer comprehensive Geoscience knowledge and provide our clients with valuable insight into all operational and research aspects of natural resource prospects, evaluation, monitoring, modelling, solution and application development. Our services and products are specialized on coastal zones, marine, water and land resources; of physical, chemical, and biological processes; Geographic Information Systems (GIS), computer modelling are used for value added outputs; Data management, training and capacity building are taken for a wide range of clients in government, industry, and academia. Our solutions are tailored to fulfill the specific requirements of our customers. Being a truly independent Geoscience company enables us to deliver the most suitable and cost effective solutions for our clients. Wherever possible we use open source mapping and software which complements our expert knowledge and access to key software and data providers.

Our portfolio is unique in the industry, in terms of its breadth and in terms of its deep expertise in specialist technical disciplines:

  • Natural Resources Mapping and Monitoring
  • Coastal and ocean map services
  • Photogrammetry and Remote sensing
  • Geographical data capture and Mapping services
  • Urban Information Models for Smart cities
  • Spatial data analytics
  • Geospatial Technology Solutions
  • Natural Disaster mapping & Risk assessment
  • Custom and tailor made training